ANDY - #12
Played Division 7 last year. Very strong player, loves the game and is very determined. Reminds me a little of a blond Rocky Marciano. He is very dominating on the field and can play any position. Goal scoring machine! Quite honestly, Andy is the franchise.

JAMES - #6
Fast and strong. Quick feet. Great attitude. Likes to wear black soccer clothes. Got wiped out 3 times our first practice and still came up fighting! When James is running he looks like a centipede travelling at the speed of light.

SEAN - #3
Lived in South Lake Tahoe and just moved to Thousand Oaks. Played soccer last year and his dad was his coach! Sean is probably the only Golden Snake who has ever seen (and probably eaten) snow.

JACK - #11
Tough dude. Good heart. During our cool down chats after practice he has very detailed explanations on what is happening out there on the soccer field. He and John are best friends . . . on the field . . . during games.

HAYDEN - #10
Loves to explain things. Nice soccer body language. Fine ability to shred the defense and do diagonal slashes towards the goal. Has soccer vision. Is the first player to get to practice every time. The very best defender on the Snakes!

JOHN - #4
Likes wearing his cap when he plays. Loves soccer and the team. Always comes up to me when he gets to practice and says "Hi Coach!"

MAX - #5
Loves to play with trucks, trains and miniature cars. Lego block builder. Very athletic, tough, and has a big heart. Been kicking the soccer ball since age 2. Favorite quote "Dad, how come you're always watching soccer on TV?" But most of all, it makes my day when he comes up to me at practice, gives me a big hug and says "Dad, I love you!"

ERIC - #8
From Sweden. Blond, tough and is missing 2 front teeth which he cashed in for big bucks with the Tooth Fairy Godmother. His favorite saying is "Can I be goalie?"

TRUMAN - #13
Great hair. Our version of a miniature Mac Truck! Sometimes we call a player like Truman: "The Sheriff!" In years to come, the girls will be calling him "James Dean."

JET - #7
Has the blondist hair I've ever seen. Sometimes likes to be a goof ball. Is a very good goalie and even owns his own goalie shirt. Once when Max and I were watching TV we saw Tyla doing aerobics on ESPN and Max says to me "But where's Jet?"

Very affectionate. Has a knack for scoring goals. Tries very hard to be the best that he can be. Has the cutest little sister you've ever seen!

ARI - #2
Also know as Ariel. Powerful little guy who loves to make me chase him while he dribbles with the soccer ball and says "Coach, Coach!" Known for inventing the sport of "Soccer-Wrestling" wherein Ari (and John) and anywhere from 2 to 3 other teammates begin a fun wrestling match right in the middle of the soccer game! Imagine that!


RICK FIGUEIREDO. Grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Carries a Brasilian Professional Futebol License. Currently the Computer Analyst for the Jamaican National Football Team which will be plaing in the World Cup in France in June. Last year he coached the U17 CVU Deception Girls Soccer Team in Thousand Oaks. Gave up coaching the girls team to coach "The Twelve Little Monkeys," I mean "The Golden Snakes!"

ROBIN Assistant Coach. Has been very helpful during practices out there on the soccer field. Is very good with the kids. Is very supportive of the things we do with this team. Thanks!

TYLA Assistant Coach. Has coached the little ones before. Expert in physical conditioning.

CHLOE Assistant Coach. Understands the "system" very well. Has a great way with kids. Now, if only I could get her to keep her room clean!

FRANK Assistant Coach. Comes out and helps when he can. Very perceptive about the game.

DENISE Assistant Coach. First year coaching. Played soccer in High School for 2 years. Also, known as Max's mom.

PAULA Team MOM. Truman's mom! All us parents are known to the kids as someones mom . . . or dad. Paula takes care of phone calls and administrative work for the Snakes.

CHLOE Team Referee. Played soccer for 10 years. Last 3 years on CVU Deception Girls Club Soccer Team. Great ref! She hasn't given me a red card yet!


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